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Title: Holiday Spirit
Fandom: Smushverse
Pairing: Madam Red/Lau
Word Count: 608 words
Notes: This takes place in a complicated smashup of canons and RP universes, hence why I'm listing it by smushverse rather than the fandoms the characters are from originally.

Summary: Christmas is a time for games.

Riff, for his part, doused the flame as soon as the assent was given and handed the plate off to Bardroy to place in safekeeping before they attempted the latest round of property destruction. )
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Title: Illusion
Fandom: Earl Cain/Godchild
Characters: Leroy, Cassian
Word Count: 644 words

Summary: Back on the streets, Leroy encounters someone unexpected.

He could feel his hands shake as he reached out to grab a man's shirt. )
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The rest of these will be finished pretty soon, I hope! Until then, here's the two I'm already finished with.

Amatsuki: pirates, for [personal profile] inarticulate

274 words )


Godchild: cyberpunk, for [personal profile] quixotic

276 words )

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