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Title: The Holly Key
Fandom: Fatal Frame III: The Tormented
Characters/Pairing: Kuze Kyouka/Kashiwagi Akito, Amakura Kei
Rating: mature
Length: ~1000 words
Content notes: offscreen and onscreen-but-vague major character death (which happens in canon)
Summary: Akito promised he would come back. He promised.

Alt link: At AO3

She applies her makeup because that's what's expected of her. )
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Title: If I Die Before I Wake
Fandom: Fatal Frame 4
Characters: Haibara You
Rating: PG...? It's not very pleasant, though.
Word Count: 1067

Summary: September 17, 1972. Rougetsu Island.

He knows with a cool certainty that he's going to die tonight. )
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Title: Buried
Fandom: Fatal Frame
Pairing: Yae/Munakata
Word Count: 448

Summary: Yae doesn't like to be alone.

Yae does not remember life without Munakata Ryozo. )