Apr. 13th, 2013

inarticulate: Kazama from Gakkowa as a tentacled alien. (glory to sunbaralia!)
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Title: Believe In Who We'll Be
Chapter: 1/?
Fandom: Gakkou de atta Kowai Hanashi
Pairing: Sakagami Shuuichi/Kazama Nozomu
Word Count: 3421
Notes: This is a WIP, with all the warnings that implies. For content notes, the AO3 link has tags. Also, [personal profile] karayan is my hero. ♥

Summary: The story of a boy's arranged marriage to an alien. Shuuichi doesn't like the idea, but he's not going to go up against his parents or the newly-formed treaty protecting the Earth from their new Sunbaralian overlords. Kazama is just happy to have an ally in the school ze's infiltrating.

Alt link: At AO3

The day the Sunbaralian Invasion broadcast on the news should have been the worst day of Sakagami Shuuichi's short life. )